About Hannie Louben

A bit about us

If we're heading away for a weekend break, then for me part of the reason for doing so is to enjoy the novelty and luxury of staying in a special hotel, not having to make the bed, enjoying being served breakfast without having to wash up, and having time to soak in the surroundings. But even if you find the best hotel with great facilities and reviews, you can still end up with a dud room; the one that looks like all the others, or the small one with tired decor. This can be a real let down and can spoil the weekend you had planned.

Hannie Louben has been developed to create a collection of the nicest, most interesting, unusual, hugely convenient and special hotel rooms across the UK and across price brackets, to guide you beyond a hotel's star rating. From the quirky, to the luxurious, to the individually themed, we've got them all! It also means you can choose something really special for someone else; book a room in a former train carriage for a railway enthusiast, the best suite in a hotel dedicated to chocolate for a special, sweet-toothed person, or even a room in a lighthouse, on a former fort for someone who just has to be different!

We don't have any set criteria for listing a room that we like, other than that it has to be in a hotel or bed and breakfast, and must offer something above and beyond the norm. Browse through our collection of fantastic rooms and be inspired!